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Moana Bikini is an Australian brand specialising in exclusive, premium swimwear and accessories, utilising high-quality materials and distinctive styles and prints. 
Moana Bikini was established in 2011 with a simple desire to create beautiful, cheeky-cut bikinis. Moana Bikini’s specialty lies in seamless, reversible styles coupled with bright, bold and entirely unique, exclusive prints; Moana Bikini is the original seamless, reversible bikini, and still the best. Moana Bikini has evolved into a truly global brand with a legion of passionate and loyal fans and customers - The Moana Army.
Members of The Moana Army support, empower, inspire and motivate each other. Moana Bikini is at the forefront of a positive movement of female empowerment and inclusivity, centred around the utilisation of Social Media as a positive force for change.
Moana Babes smile, laugh and live life to the full, supporting and empowering each other along the way.


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