Our ESCAPE collection celebrates every Moana Babe’s desire to be whisked away to an island paradise...

Your only company being the beautiful natural environment and abounding sea life… to explore, adventure and thrive in bikinis that communicate your individuality.

We took superstar (and absolute Moana Babe!) Meredith Mickelson to a pristine, island paradise and let her have free reign with our 2018 Collection.

She swam with sharks, stingrays, eels and octopus.

She jumped off boardwalks into the clearest water she’s ever seen.

She lazed on the whitest of white sand beaches.

She toured the atoll with locals in traditional outrigger canoes.

She did it all in Moana’s latest, most amazing range yet.


She confessed:

“It was the best team and the best memories! I swam with sharks, sting rays, eels and octopus. The beauty there is insane. It was the best trip I’ve ever been on!”

Our ESCAPE Collection is a colourful, vibrant expression of your escapism fantasy.

ESCAPE strong, tropically-inspired themes, with allusions to the plants and animals that call your dream locations home.

With bright, bold prints across unique, endemic patterns, the ESCAPE collection is Moana’s largest and most visually captivating collection to date.

We have 32 print designs and 11 new patterns debuting in the ESCAPE collection, while favourite Moana patterns - such as the runch and reversible style bottoms, the adrift pant and the bra top - remain staples within the range.

Some classic Moana patterns combine with exciting and unique prints, ensuring that those new to Moana, and avid Moana Babes alike, will find a home in the ESCAPE collection.

It’s time to ESCAPE, don’t you think?

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