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The year is 1988.

The Breakfast Club is your go-to VHS hire from the video store.

You can’t decide whether Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller is, like, the hottest guy alive! Stacey thinks its Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom… is she mental? He’s like, forty!? Eww!

Your little brother, Kevin, won’t shuttup about the PK Ripper he wants for Christmas, when all you want is a Sony Walkman so you can listen to Terrence Trent Darby in peace! Stacey thinks Prince is like, way cooler, but you know that he won’t last!? Pfft. What’s with all the purple!?

Your favourite item of clothing is actually a dead-set tie between your fingerless gloves and your Members Only jacket… but if Kevin ‘borrows’ it again you’re going to totally flip!

There’s only one thing you’d fix about your hair… it needs to be bigger!

As big as Stacey’s at least. God, she’s such a poser!

Urgh! At least the one thing you can rely on is your new Moana Bikini and matching bumbag.

Wait, what!?

Welcome to 1988.

Welcome to Retro.

Welcome to Moana Bikini.

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