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Celebrating females in their perfect form; themselves, just the way they are!

Inclusive and empowering, WHO RUNS THE WORLD? encourages and allows Moana Babes from all around the world to explore, adventure and thrive in bikinis that communicate their individuality, personality and femininity, allowing them to truly be themselves. Explores strong, tropically-inspired themes, engaging and alluring patterns and powerful colours, WHO RUNS THE WORLD? is Moana’s largest, most meaningful and visually captivating collection to date.

The talented and beautiful Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley are masterfully photographed by Trent Mitchell and filmed by Sam Norwood. If you’ve ever needed a reminder of who runs the world, to be happy, confident and carefree in the skin you’re and to be fiercely proud of your femininity… this collection is for you. Moana Babes run the world! Are you at Moana Babe yet?

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