How can we help you today? 

My download link has expired, how do I download the guide? 

Each BBB Babe who purchases our guide will receive two downloadable PDF links via Dropbox. These links will expire within 3 days after making your purchase and you have 3 download attempts on each PDF before they both expire. We strongly recommend downloading your guide instantly after making your purchase and don't forget it save to your device.

Will I receive a book in the mail? 

Our Bikini Body Burn guide is an instant download only. We do not provide hard copies.
You can view your guide instantly after making your purchase.
Your digital guide can also be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, computer and any other electronic devices. 
If you'd rather view your guide from a book, simply get your Ebook printable version printed.

Do I need a gym membership?

No, you do not need to be a member at a gym. 

What equipment do I need to complete the BBB guide?

You will need - 

1 - three sets of dumbbells:
  • a lighter set that is 1 to 3kgs
  • a medium set that is 4 to 7 kgs
  • a heavier set that is 8 to 15 kgs
2 - a kettlebell that is 12 - 16 kilos

3 - a skipping rope

4 - a resistance band

5 - a timer

6 - a towel or floor mat

7 - a fitball

8 - a medicine ball

9 - a bench ( you can use a dining chair or park bench )

Be sure to follow Bikini Body Burn on Instagram for helpful hints, tips and short movies. 
Instagram - @bikini.body.burn

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